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Simple present tense (Tricky)

Welcome to your Simple present tense (Tricky)

A:______the boys_______(play) basketball every Tuesday afternoon?
B: No, they don´t. But Jeffrey ___ (play) tennis and Paul ____ (sometimes / go) jogging then.
C: That ___ (sound) fun. I really ____ (enjoy) playing tennis.
A: ___________Samantha __________ (use) the subway every day?
B: No,she ____. She _____ _______ (usually / take) the bus.
A: ___ you always ____ (watch) TV?
B: My wife and I sometimes _________(watch) movies on the TV but we _____ (not like) reality shows.
A: ________ you ______ (listen to) the radio in your car?
B: Yes, I ____. I really ____ (enjoy) listening pop music while I'm driving.
C: Oh, I _____ (not like) that kind of music. I _____ (prefer) rock.
A: ____ your father ____ (go) to the gym every morning?
B: Yes, he ____ (go) to the gym every _____ at 8 o'clock.

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